How Do Dance Dollars Increase My Profits?

 Dance Dollars allows your club to add a small surcharge to customers who prefer to use their Credit Card. This processing fee has proven to be acceptable for dance purchases, and is usually 15% to 20% of the amount of the purchase. 

How Do Dance Dollars Attract New Customers?

 Many individuals and especially corporate customers prefer to use their credit card for entertainment purchases. Now you can invite them into your club by offering our Dance Dollars System - they are no longer limited to the cash they carry, or the daily cash advance limits on their credit cards. Dance Dollars create a new buzz among your customers because they are easy and convenient to use. 

How Do Dance Dollars Prevent Fraud and Charge backs?

 Dance Dollars uses imbedded software technology on a dedicated system that protects you from customer fraud and employee misuse. Our Dance Dollars System has been accepted by all major Credit Card companies. The unique imbedded software design prohibits third party use and guards against tampering and misuse within the club. 

What's the difference between Dance Dollars and a Cash Advance?

 Cash advances from a credit card carry an up-front service charge to the cardholder in addition to a high interest rate. Dance Dollars allow customers to pay a small service fee and charge it to their credit card as a regular purchase.

How Long Does it Take to Install the Dance Dollars System?

 The easy-to-use Dance Dollars System is a stand alone, drop-in system that can be installed and operating within the same day. Our system requires no expensive up-front equipment costs and our simple touch screen requires minimal training.

How Do Dance Dollars go Beyond ATMs?

 The Dance Dollars System is not intended to replace pocket cash or ATM usage. The System is designed to work along side your ATM. Because ATMs are limited in the amount they may dispense and are frequently out of cash or service there is a need to go beyond ATMs. The Dance Dollars System is your solution. 

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